Make Homemade Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy Greek yogurt contains probiotics, protein, and calcium. Live yogurt cultures can be used to create custom batches of Greek yogurt that you and your family can enjoy as a midday snack or an evening dessert.

Probiotics And Culture Products

Probiotics are live microorganisms that consist of beneficial bacteria and yeast. The bacteria is linked to digestive health, weight loss support, and proper immune function. Live bacteria cultures are found in most yogurt varieties that are sold in grocery stores. Cultures can be purchased separately through a food supplier.

A food supplier may feature culture products that can be used to make traditional, vegan, Greek, and custom-flavored yogurt varieties. Live cultures that are in a liquid form will need to remain refrigerated or frozen until they will be used to create a batch of yogurt. Some food suppliers sell freeze-dried cultures. Boxed products may contain packets that can each be used to create a single batch of yogurt. Freeze-dried cultures can be stored in a pantry or on a shelf.

Prep Steps And Supplies

Whole, skim, or low-fat cow or goat milk, almond milk products, or coconut milk products can be used to create Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is noted for its tangy taste and custard-like consistency. Traditional yogurt contains whey. Whey is the liquid substance that is produced after milk curdles and is strained. Omitting the whey will thicken up a yogurt product and reduce its sugar and calcium content.

During the preparation of Greek yogurt, you will need to heat up milk and allow it to cool. Afterward, you will need to combine the milk with live yogurt cultures. A prep container should be used to store the two ingredients. The mixture needs to remain warm for several hours. A yogurt maker is a specialized device that can be used to incubate live cultures and milk. This type of machine will include a built-in temperature gauge.

Some food suppliers sell temperature strips that are included with the purchase of yogurt culture products. Reviewing the recipe that you will be using to create a batch of yogurt and setting up the area where you will warm and strain the ingredients will prepare you for your first attempt at making Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt can be enjoyed in its original format or can be accented with fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, or any other topping that you enjoy. 

Reach out to a supplier to purchase Greek yogurt cultures

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