3 Reasons To Buy Dehydrated Onion For Your Restaurant

Most of the food you use in your restaurant might be fresh, but you're also likely to rely on stored cupboard ingredients sometimes. If you don't already use dehydrated onion, then this might be a good addition to your ingredients. Why?

1. Get an Instant Backup Option

You can't always rely on having an adequate store of fresh foods when you need them. Even if you plan your stocks carefully, there might be times when you run out of something. Fresh foods also don't last so well.

For example, fresh onions can sometimes turn bad. You think you have enough onions for your next service, but you only realize that you can't use them when you start prepping.

If you have some dehydrated onions in your kitchen, then you can use them as a backup. You get the flavor you want instantly.

2. Reduce Food Prepping Time

While you and your kitchen staff might have excellent chopping skills, it still takes time to prep onions. Even experienced chefs will end up with teary eyes sometimes when they prepare this vegetable. This slows them down for a while.

If you're looking for a way of reducing prepping times and streamlining your food service, then products like dehydrated onions are a good bet. These onions are chopped and ready to use.

You can rehydrate them in hot water almost instantly. Or, you can let them rehydrate naturally in dishes as they cook. You can also add them to dry spice rubs or use them as prep-free garnish toppings on hot dishes and salads to add some extra flavor.

3. Reduce Food Waste

You won't always use all the fresh foods in your kitchen. You might have to dump things that have reached the end of their usable life sometimes. This doesn't just happen when things like onions start to turn bad. You can also be left with overstocks — even if you stock up carefully — if your customers change their order habits.

For example, if you have a few services where people order dishes that don't contain much onion, then you could have leftovers in your store cupboard. If you don't have time to do something with them, then they could end up in the trash.

If you use dehydrated onion, then this won't be a problem. You'll always have a supply of chopped onions when you need them. If you don't use as many as usual, you won't waste any food.

To save money, you might want to make a bulk dehydrated onion order. To find out more, talk to your food suppliers.

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