Do You Want To Be Prepared For An Emergency?

Have you recently been part of a working crew that helped to clean up flooding, say in the McAllen, Texas, area? Perhaps you have seen the devastation that fires can create in states like California and Colorado. Whether you saw in person or on the television the effects that nature can cause, you might be inspired to prepare for an emergency situation so that you can have the peace of mind that you and your family will have the things you need. From buying water containers for emergencies to planning the foods you'll need, here are some ideas that might help you prepare for an emergency.

The Essentials - Water, food, medications, and first aid supplies — those are the most important things for you to have in the event of an emergency, especially water. Consider buying water containers, not only to keep in your house but enough containers for the family to keep in the car, just in case you need to leave your home. Water containers for emergencies are probably a lot more affordable than you thought they would be, and buying them might be one of the best ways you will ever spend your money. To learn more about water containers, talk to companies like WaterBrick International.

Additionally, think of the foods your family will eat that doesn't need to be refrigerated, as your house might lose power. Things like peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, fruit roll-ups, and dried fruits would probably be good choices.

As far as medications and first aid supplies go, just think about what might happen, consider medications you already take, and make sure you have enough to last, say, seventy-two hours. Don't forget feminine hygiene supplies for the women in your family.

The Extras - Blankets, extra clothing, and an extra pair of shoes would be good to have during an emergency situation, too. Consider getting a backpack for each member of the family. Plan a time when you will all fill the backpack with the extra clothes, water bottles and some of the emergency food you have bought. Also, consider putting some one-dollar bills in each backpack. Put them in a resealable bag so that they will be easy to find and so they won't get wet. Do you have little kids? If so, tell them that they can each pack a favorite toy or book. Put contact information in each backpack, too.

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