Love Coffee? Try These Recipes To Spice It Up

If you're an avid coffee drinker, you're probably dedicated to a particular brand of style of coffee. After a while, it's easy to get tired of drinking the same coffee beverage day in and day out. If you're considering trying coffee in a brand new way, take a look at these creative recipes to give your coffee a makeover so you can enjoy this caffeine-laden beverage with a new twist.

Adult Coffee

If you want to kick your coffee up a notch, consider adding some alcohol to the mix. Of course, you should only drink this version of coffee when you're at a party or plan on staying home. Mix one-half cup of chocolate liqueur and one-quarter cup of amaretto liqueur to about two cups of strongly brewed coffee. You'll give your favorite drink an extra zip of flavor from the alcohol, and it's a great dessert option for dinner parties as well. Add some heavy cream to give it a smoother taste.

Irish Coffee

You can make traditional Irish coffee taste even better by adding in some creme de menthe. Use about five drops per cup of coffee to give it a nice, mint flavor. If you like, you can also add about 2 ounces of Irish whiskey to your coffee for a taste of the real deal. Top it off with fresh whipped cream for a sweet, minty coffee treat.

Iced Coffee

If you love coffee but you don't want to drink it hot during the summer time, consider making an iced version instead. You can do this in several easy ways. One way is to brew your coffee normally, let it cool and then add some ice cubes. Another option is to mix some instant coffee with cold milk or water for an iced coffee within just a minute or less. You can also make an iced coffee in the blender. Simply mix in a few teaspoons of ground coffee with some ice cubes, add milk, and blend.

Festive Gingerbread Coffee

For a taste of the holidays, add ingredients like fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla to your coffee for a sweet gingerbread taste. This sweetly flavored coffee is great for serving at holiday parties or after dinner during the winter time, and it's reminiscent of delicious gingerbread cookies without all of the added calories. You can transform coffee into almost any delicious flavor you wish by adding a few simple ingredients to give your favorite beverage a brand new twist. Contact a business, such as Monin, for more information about coffee.   

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