Food For Thought! Start A Conversation On Cultural Awareness With These 3 Delicious African Desserts

With 3 out of 4 white Americans agreeing that racism within America is at least a "somewhat serious" national problem, it's important to teach your children cultural awareness and acceptance as soon as possible. There are plenty of controversies and allowing your children to experience and taste food from different cultures can be a great way to starting this conversation. Desserts tend to be most popular amongst children. If you're not sure where to start, here are 3 delicious traditional African food desserts you can order online.

The Spongy Sweetness of Malva Pudding

A traditional South African pudding that is quite popular amongst natives is Malva pudding. This delicious baked pudding has a spongy texture and tastes like apricot jam. It is an absolute treat that is usually served warm after a large meal with cream or ice-cream on the side.

The Healthiness of South African Yogurt Cake

If you're a tad health conscious and would like to stray away from desserts that are packed full with sugar, order South African yogurt cake. This yummy cake originates from the heart of South Africa and has an interesting moist texture to it due to the incorporation of a lot of yogurt in the recipe. Yogurt cake is usually served with icing on top; however, you can easily forgo the icing and still have a wonderful experience, as the cake does not really need the added sugar.

Some people serve different types of healthy sides with the yogurt cake like seasonal fruits. You can basically add whatever you want on top for extra flavor.

The Heartiness of All Bran Rusks

Another amazing dessert that can be served with tea and an assortment of other cakes, jams and desserts is all bran rusk. All bran rusks are extremely healthy, as they do not contain a lot of sugar. In addition, different assortments of all bran rusks that you can order online may incorporate different types of nuts and seeds into the recipe.


Introducing your children to different types of traditional foods can be a good stepping stone to teaching them how to appreciate the differences in each culture. In addition to being able to have a talk about acceptance, both you and your children can take this opportunity to try out a new experience. For all you know, you might love these desserts and decide to serve more types of different desserts after each meal. 

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